Dennegeur Farm has a rich family history dating back to 1948 when our grandfather Sas Beukes bought the farm from his dad.  The first apple trees, ± 500, were planted the same year. To initially sustain the farm while the new trees were growing, vegetables were grown between the apple trees. Josias, our father, joined the family business in 1970. 

In 1960 the first dam was built on the farm which had developed to 24 ha of planted trees. Dennegeur  Farm has been packing fruit in their own packing facility on the farm since the beginning of production. 

We are passionate in our pursuit to producing a product of world quality through integrity and dedication.  We achieve this by trusting in each other and continuously striving for excellence. We want to create a working environment where employees can dream and be proud to be part of a process of continuous improvement. We have established a culture of compassion and trust through a framework that promotes ownership and personal development. We are characterised by our association with partners who share our values

The Dennegeur Social Responsibility Culture and part of our business strategy rather than a compliance strategy. We are passionate not only about our products, but also our local community which is the drive behind our Social Investment Projects which include the Dennegeur Creche and After Care Centre, The Granny Smith Art Project, our Training Kitchen and the Farm Clinic.

Over the past few years Dennegeur has significantly increased its strategic focus on Environmental Management.

This is who we are.


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