Dennegeur is passionate about creating sustainable communities


Dennegeur’s Social investment programs start with their own employees as well as their families, Dennegeur offers various programs to benefit their employees, their children as well as extended and retired family members.  The programs on offer are designed to offer everybody the opportunity to create sustainability for the future.  Our programs include.



  • The Dennegeur Creche
  • After Care Centre for students
  • The Art and Music Program
  • The Training Kitchen


  • The Granny Smith Art Project
  • The Needlework Project
  • The Training Kitchen
  • The Farm Clinic

Dennegeur Creche

The Dennegeur Creche

Dennegeur Farm is passionate about family. To make sure that all our worker's kids are well looked after, we have a creche on the farm.

Dennegeur After Care Centre

Dennegeur After Care Centre

The Dennegeur After Care Center helps the children with homework, projects and provides various programs to develop the children.

Dennegeur Art & Music Program

Denneur Art & Music Program

The children take part in the CAMI project where they learn to use computers. Part of this program is a art and music program where the kids do art and play the marimba’s.
The marimba band is really successful and was invited to a International Marimba and steelpan festival in Johannesburg in July 2016.

Dennegeur Training Kitchen

Dennegeur Training Kitchen

The Training Kitchen Project was established to teach the workers and there kids how to cook healthy meals with what they have at home.
We also do a lot of baking.

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