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Big Bucks

A delicious snack and salad medium, size apple. Mutation of Corder Gala Apple with 80-100% wine red blush. white flesh and a crispy, crunchy and juicy tecture.

Medium sized fruit has an 80-100% wine red blush or paler cherry red blush with no striation. These eye-catching apples also have a delicious taste that compliments its looks.

Early Red One

This apple originated in the USA. It was introduced into SA in 1976. It is called Early Red One because this apple
turns full red early in the season. It is a mediumsized apple, conical in shape. It has a full dark red colour, with a faint suggestion of stripes.

The flesh is creamy-white and the texture is crisp. It is a good eating apple with a sweet juicy taste, but is not suited to baking. 


Fuji originated in the 1950’s in Fujisaki, Japan and is a cross between Ralls and Red Delicious. It was introduced to South Africa in the early 1990’s. Fuji is harvested in early April. 

Fuji is a relatively large apple, and has a green-yellow background, partially covered with bright pink-red stripes. The flesh is yellowish and the texture is firm and very crisp, juicy apple, very sweet with an attractive aroma.

Golden Delicious

Golden Delicious was found as a seedling in West Virginia, USA, in the 1880’s and introduced into South Africa in 1930 by Molteno Brothers of Grabouw. Golden delicious is harvested from late February to mid March. It is a medium to large apple, green when harvested, ripening to a golden yellow colour.

The skin has conspicuous lenticels. The flesh is green-white and crisp and the taste is sweet, fragrant and juicy. It is a superb eating apple, and is excellent for use in salads. In certain areas and under specific climatic conditions Golden Delicious has a delicate pink blush.

Granny Smith

Granny Smith derives its name from a real granny Smith, Mrs Maria Ann Smith, who discovered this seedling in her garden in Australia in the 1860’s. The first plantings in South Africa date back to 1919. Granny Smith is in full bloom from middle to late October and is harvested from late March to late April. 

It is a medium to large apple, varying in colour from light to bright green, and the lenticels are well developed. In cooler areas it will develop a red blush. The flesh is firm, white and crisp, and the taste is slightly tart, yet sweet. It is an excellent eating apple and good for baking, sauces or purees.

Panorama Golden

The apple originated in Ceres in SA and is a Golden Delicious mutation.

A large apple, similar in appearance to a Golden.Delicious with a green-yellow skin and conspicuous lenticels. The flesh is green-white, crisp with a sweet taste. Panorama Golden has a tendency to stem-end russet.

Pink Lady ™

This delicious bicolour apple has one pink cheek and one pale cheek and was developed in West Australia by John Cripps of the Australian Department of Agriculture. Cripp’s Pink is a cross breeding of Golden Delicious and Lady Williams, and is harvested in mid to late April. 

The skin is pink to light red solid blush overlaying a lime yellow background, it has creamy white flesh, a crisp, fine texture, and a sweet-tart flavour. Pink Lady ® is not a variety, but a brand name. The brand is applied to the Cripp’s Pink variety of apples only if they comply with the stringent quality standards prescribed by the Pink Lady ® brand.

Rosy Glo

Great for snacks, salads and baking with pink red skin. 

Rosy Glo has Whitish flesh with a crisp and fizzy texture and tastes tangy and sweet.

Royal Beaut

A delicious snack and salad apple. The skin has broad red stripes to full red with creamy white flesh.  The texture is juicy and fragrant and the apple is very sweet.

Royal Beaut is harvested in early to mid February.

Royal Gala / Royal Beaut

This apple originated in New Zealand and is a Gala mutation. It was introduced to South Africa in the 1980’s and is now preferred to the Gala because of its better colour. 

Royal Gala is harvested in mid February and the same size and taste is identical to Gala, but it is covered with stripes, bright red in colour. When ripe the background skin is yellow and with the deep red stripes, and Royal Gala has a beautiful deep orange appearance.

Cripps Red – Joya™ 

Sundowner is the lesser-known sibling of Pink Lady. They share the same parentage – Golden Delicious and Lady Williams – but they were developed at the same time by the same fruit breeder, John Cripps of Western Australia. Pink Lady and Sundowner are trade names, and you will also see these apples described and sometimes marketed as Cripps Pink and Cripps Red respectively. 

Sundowner does not have the distinctive pink blush of Pink Lady, being a more conventional “bi-coloured” red apple. The flavour is less delicate than Pink Lady, and slightly more distinctive.

Topred / Starking

This apple was discovered in the 1950’s in Columbia, USA. It is a mutation of Shotwell Delicious, which was itself a mutation of Red Delicious. It was introduced to South Africa in 1973.

Topred is harvested from late February to early March, and has a deep red colour, more uniform that a Starking and with conspicuous lenticels. It is a medium to large fruit, with creamy-white flesh and a crisp texture. The taste is sweet and juicy and delicious to eat.


Bred in SA by ARC Infruitec-Nietvoorbij, and is a cross between Bon Rouge and Forelle.

It has a typical Bon Chretien shape with a medium-length stalk. It is an attractive smoothskinned pear with an orange-red to pink blush on a yellow background. It has a white flesh with a smooth texture. The taste is juicy and sweet.

Packham’s Truimph

Originated in Australia in the 1890’s and is a cross between Bon Chretien and St Germain. It was introduced into SA in 1922.

A medium to large, unevenly shaped, light-green pear with conspicuous dark-green lenticels. The skin colour  remains green or green-yellow when ripe. The flesh is creamy-white with a fine, smooth texture. The taste is sweet and juicy.

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